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Neurosurgeon Astounded by Healed Spinal Column

Miracle reported by 74,000 Deeksha Yajna Participant who Received Mystical Surgery During Course

Two weeks ago I accidently made a wrong movement. I fell to the ground and could no longer stand or sit. I was in enormous pain.

Medical examination pointed that something was very wrong. The doctor did not even dare to touch my vertebra. My back is fixed at 4 levels. I have undergone 5 surgeries in the past. The doctor gave me a syringe for the pain.

The day before 74.000 Deeksha Yajna with Sri Bhagavan, an x-ray was taken. Doctors concluded that the material installed during my last surgery had shifted and was now pressing on the spinal cord and nerve. I needed to be immediately admitted to the hospital for surgery, but due to the corona situation hospitals were overfilled and it was impossible to find a specialist who could perform the surgery.

In the meantime, I had to take loads of painkillers, lie flat, be carried to the toilet, and move around in a wheelchair. However, I didn't want to miss out on 74.000 Deeksha Yajna. So I participated while lying down.

I had been talking to Sri AmmaBhagavan for three days and nights and had slept with the Sri Murthi (sacred photograph) pressed to my heart. I told them that I absolutely did not want surgery and I needed a miracle! Somehow, I was very calm in spite of the terrible pain and fear.

The Darshan was very powerful for me. During the process I had a huge headache on the side of my body where the back problems were. Afterwards I fell asleep quickly.

The strange thing was... I woke up with less pain in my back, and the feeling that "something" had changed. I couldn’t really believe it, but I was able stand up straight for awhile.

Meanwhile, my son who is a doctor, had arranged an appointment for a CT scan the next Thursday. But in the days to follow, I could feel my back getting little better every day. The fear made way for joy, but I did not dare to express it yet. Finally, the CT scan was made.

This morning, I visited the neurosurgeon to hear the results of the CT scan.

It seems like a miracle! The doctor sat there, looking at the test results over and over again, comparing them with the X-ray taken on the day before darshan. He could not understand that everything was back in place! And from the scan, he could tell that things had been moved and worked upon!

He also told me that I wouldn’t need any more surgery and the pain will get less and less....!!! When I told Edwin last week that the pain was less, Edwin said, all smiles, “Maybe Bhagavan has stitched everything back up right!"

I couldn't believe it then, but now after speaking to the neurosurgeon I have to believe it!

I just wanted to let everyone know, and I am so very very grateful to Sri AmmaBhagavan Super Neurosurgeons! Miracles really do exist!

Shared by M. Morre, Belgium

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