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7mm Mass in Daughter's Breast Disappears After Prayers to Sri Amma

We received a call from our very distraught daughter last week. Through tears she explained that a recent mammogram had revealed a 7 mm mass which two doctors in that clinic had determined was probably some form of cancer. She was immediately referred to a breast cancer specialist in an oncology unit for a detailed workup and additional testing.

We immediately connected with Paramjyothi Bhagavati, the feminine aspect of the Divine, manifested as Amma. Our prayer was that Amma be the hands, eyes and hearts of the doctors and medical people at the oncology unit. And that team of medical people find no medical problem at all during their examination.

We repeated that prayer each day during the week before the examination. And each time we prayed we increasingly felt that our prayer had already been fulfilled.

Today our daughter called to say that the examination had found nothing, no problem, no mass, no evidence of cancer. All evidence of a medical problem was gone. Everybody cried in gratitude and relief.

All Glory to Paramjyothi AmmaBhagavan

John D.


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