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Prayer for Connection Brings Wealth to 30 Year Old

"The inner world is the reflection of the outer world"

I am 30 years old. recently, Sri Amma Bhagwan did the greatest miracle in my life in the form of setting up of relationship with my grandfather who passed away a few years before. I participated in the Ekam Festival in February and prayed for my grandfather's blessings. Within two days, I got news from relatives that my grandfather's land has been discovered and it belongs to me only. This goes to show that "the inner world is the reflection of the outer world."

Recently I participated in a group prayer that was done for me for my job that I preferred most. After 40 days from the prayer I got a job in Axis Bank as the Deputy Manager with a handsome salary. My prayer was answered in the fastest way the shortest time by Sri Amma Bhagavan. My infinite thanks to Sri Amma Bhagwan.

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