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Miraculous Recovery from Near Death with Covid-19

Battling with Covid for more than four months and being so near death three times doctors summoned the family to say goodbye

THANK YOU so so much for all prayers for my #recovery from Covid. After 1 month anesthetized, 1.5 month in a ventilator and another 2 months in rehab with oxygen support, we are finally planning for my homecoming. My family was summoned 3 times to send me off from this life, and all the doctors said that there could be only hours or possibly a few days left, no chance for recovery.

Sri Amma Bhagavan blessed me for my recovery. And, When I was floating between this and next life, Sri Amma Bhagavan´s chariot came for me. It was amazing, so beautiful it made me breathless. When I said that I couldn't leave, due to my responsibilities towards my 4 year old foster son, the chariot made a u-turn and happily withdrew.

So me being alive is nothing less than a beautiful, wonderful #miracle. It has been a challenging journey that has made me truly humble. Hope you can feel my heartfelt love and gratitude.

Helen E.


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