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What is Deeksha and How Does it Work?

Sri Amma Bhagavan responds to this question from a seeker about Deeksha – Divine Intervention. Words in italics added for clarity.

Sri Bhagavan:

The Deeksha is ancient and common to all religions. Deeksha is not a Hindu. It is followed by the Mayans, Incas and some Japanese as well. Previously, there was only one religion in the entire world which was called Sanatana Dharma. It was later split. Therefore, there are still many similarities between religions. And Deeksha is a common phenomenon. By interacting with people from many religions and countries, we discover this.

The question is: Who is behind this Deeksha?

Deeksha is energetic information. Ramanuja [Indian philosopher, theologian and social reformer] had the mighty Deeksha of the Goddess Namagiri [a form of Lakshmi the principal Goddess of wealth, fortune, power, beauty and prosperity]. He obtained the Deeksha Mathematics. At Jeevashram School in Satyaloka, we gave a Math Deeksha by which tenth graders could understand math of a Ph.D. student. Ayurveda is a Deeksha of the [God of Medicine] Dhanvatari.

Deeksha is basically energy and information transfer. Deeksha carries information about health, wealth and many other things. Depending on what you want to have, you take a Deeksha.

When you receive Deeksha from Shirdi Sai Baba, it will be a type of Deeksha. When you receive Deeksha from Ganesha, it will be another type of Deeksha. The Deeksha of the Great Compassionate Light AmmaBhagavan is focused on Mukthi and Moksha [liberation while in the body and after leaving the body], but they can give you other things as well.

The Deeksha from AmmaBhagavan cleans the unconscious mind. But its ultimate focus is Mukthi and Moksha and transforms [people] into Awakened, Enlightened, Oneness Beings, Light Beings and Space Beings. This is why [certain] classes are called Mukti Moksha classes.

For Mukthi and Moksha, you also need to fulfill in your “Iham” [materials desires and needs here on earth].” Our focus is to satisfy your “Iham” and “Param” [spiritual desires].

Previously, Deekshas were given by people. But when the Deekshas became too powerful, we stopped the human Deeksha because of the negativity that was passing from giver to receiver or from receiver to giver.

So we changed the Deekshas from human beings to Kalash, padukas and Sri Murthi. In this way, we protect the giver of Deeksha and the receiver. Only those Dasas who are in high states can give Deekshas for some time. At that moment Amma Bhagavan completely takes care of them.

So Deeksha is simply transferring information. Even when people talk, you're transferring information. Even when you gossip, you are transferring information.

We give Deeksha to you essentially to give you new insights, positive perceptions and prepare you for the processes. The Deeksha changes the brain and its negative programming. It makes you aware from the unconscious.

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