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What Happens To Those Who Become Awakened?

Sri Amma Bhagavan describes the various states experienced by those who become awakened

“A few hundred people have become awakened. And they are able to go into peak states. As we go forward, we will push them to higher and higher peaks. They are able to go into higher peaks and they are able to descend into normal functional life in what we call "awakened state." And, of course, they also fall into the normal state we call the state of suffering.

So they keep moving up and down. They reach the peak state, descend to the waking state, descend to the normal state and then rise again. Now, as they practice, they reach even higher peak states. We're going to invite them to a more advanced course [74000 Deeksha Yajna] and we're going to take them to even higher states. After some time they will become enlightened beings.

Now they are not enlightened beings. They are just Awakened beings. And once they become enlightened beings they will soar higher and higher. Their peak states will become deeper and deeper, and they will slowly become Ones of Oneness. And we've already told you that once you become a Being of Oneness, you become the other. You and the other are one. If you look at the tree, you are one with it. You look at the ant, you and the ant are one. You look at the sun, moon, elephant, all are one. With anything and everything, you are one. You become one with everything. That's why we call it the state of Unity. Completely with each other.

Now you feel separate. You look at your wife, husband, child, child, bird, your dog, you feel separate, don't you? In the state of unity you are the tree, the ant, the bird; it is you who slaughters the goat, you are the goat being slaughtered. If you were the goat, would you kill her? I'm sure you wouldn't do that. You wouldn't kill yourself. Do you know what that means? You are the goat, you are the cow. So, naturally, all that will change. There will only be love. This love cannot be described.

Now you have conditional love. That's good too. But the problem comes when you don't even have conditional love. So we want you to have conditional love. Then we will think about this unconditional love. This unconditional love happens when you are the other, a being of oneness. So when you live as a being of unity for some time, it depends on many things, you become a Being of Light. That is, assuming you have a relative, a child or a parent in Mumbai and you live in Chennai, then you can appear to them in Mumbai as Light. You can take your picture on your cell phone.

There are some devotees who say they became light beings, but we have no proof of this. They showed pictures, but we need to investigate now, because you can do a lot with technology. So we're not sure about that.

So far, no one has claimed to be a space being. If you are a space being, you can be in many places at once. A Being of Light can only be in one place at a time. But a Space Being can be in many places at once. Like Ramalinga and Padmasambhava, they can appear in many places and give speeches. Ramalinga used to divide a large group into four or five groups and four or five Ramalingas used to approach them all at the same time. Likewise, Padmasambhava, who brought Buddhism from India to Tibet, appeared in many places to approach people. So that's a Space Being.

If you become a Space Being, you qualify to belong to a club of noble people. This is the Space Beings Club. You become part of the Great Compassionate Light. All great beings are there.

When you become a Space Being, everything comes within you. Everything will enter you. You'll see everyone you haven't seen in your life. You will see all enlightened beings, your gods, everything you will see because you belong to this club. And you will be there until the Universe comes back to nothing. There is a very long time before this happens. Why should you care about this now?

Yes, the Universe will eventually go back to zero. But until then you will be immortal. Immortal doesn't really mean you'll be forever. But there are many billions of years before this Universe goes back to zero. So we say you will be immortal. Finally, everything will go back to zero. In the meantime, you can enjoy.

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