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How Should One Live, Bhagavan?

Sri Amma Bhagavan explains that the Golden Age Movement is a Path without a Path, Each Person has Freedom to Choose

“How should you live? I think I'll have a little water before I talk about this. (We all laugh).

There is no God up there who is watching you, who is commanding you, none of that. This collective unconscious, it will behave the way you want it to behave. It's programmable. It's not the boss. We, collectively, are the boss. But we must allow ourselves to be the boss. We can program it.

Now imagine a school that doesn't have a principal. Children can do anything then. There is no director here either. The only director is karma. Even the laws of karma are programmed into the unconscious.

So there is no boss or director. You can do what you want. You can live however you want. That's why we don't command that "you live like this". If you want to follow something, follow it. If you want to follow the Hindu way of life, follow it. If you like the Buddhist life, you follow it. If you like the Islamic life, you follow it. It's all up to you. It's your way. It's great.

We in Dharma do not offer any path. We are a path without a path. You can do it all. All we want is for you to be fulfilled in your life.

Enjoy your breakfast. Enjoy your tours. Have a car, a bungalow, have anything you want. If you don't want to, it's up to you. Some like the simple life.

That way you can be too. Therefore, there are people who have money, but they donate and lead a simple and minimal life. This too you could do. Or if you want an extravagant life, you can have it too.

It's your life. That is all. You can live however you want. If you want lots of wives, you can have them. If you want a wife, you can have one. If you don't want a wife, that's fine. Everything is your life. There's no God up there telling you to do this and that.

Of course you have social laws, government laws, that you may have to follow. Otherwise it can become chaos. This is between you and the government, and you and society. Kalki is not involved in this at all. Kalki is concerned only with your happiness, how you can be happy. This is the way of life.

What is the law you want? You can have your own laws and follow them. If you're brave, make your own laws. If you don't have the courage, follow someone.

Likewise, we do not seek this type of teaching. Because all teachings, after a point, are useless and must be thrown away. All these things control you, one way or another.

Our job is 'to set man free'. No teaching will get you anywhere. Only when you have a biological change performed through surgery on the ductless glands can you really get anywhere.

Teachings help, they are useful. But beyond a certain point they will control you like political parties. The communist party will control it. The capitalist party will control it. Some ideas will control you. Some “ism” will control you. It's good to have lessons.

But beyond a point, they will control you. This will make use of your life. If you want to be controlled, that's fine. No problem. This is your life.

But if you ask me how you should live, there is no definitive answer. There is no definitive proof, there is no ultimate reality. Whatever you want, you can do it. Let's allow us to have a wonderful life. Let's have the Golden Age if you will.

So there is nothing to bind you. If you want to be linked that's fine. Some people want to be linked in the name of discipline. Some others want complete freedom. He is well. Some people like to take a good beating. That's fine too if you like. I know of a particular school that beats up its students. And many parents send their children there because they need to be disciplined.

So you are free to do what you want. That simple.

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