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One Big Bang and the "self" Vanished

I experienced that passing away of the self, is a process. Last months i experienced a withdrawing self. After the first Deeksha Yajna I realized I did not daydream anymore. My attention was, were life was. During preparation food for diner I saw this clearly.

July 3 in the evening when i was laying in my bed on my back chanting the Paramjyothi Mantra before falling asleep, something happened.

While chanting, i realized that thoughts took me away from chanting and exactly THAT moment i was hit by a 'gunshot' on my forehead. It was a very loud inner sound and i felt a direct pressure on my forehead. Immediately followed by a move of my head in the direction [to the] right.

All happened in a split second. I knew instantly that I was dying. I felt myself dying. The whole happening, in a split second, felt so caring, loving, accurate, very well timed. I was completely surprised.

It felt as if the Great Compassionate Light Team, was working on this. They were around me and in ONE precious moment, all was done.

It left me in GRATEFULNESS, WONDERNESS and very Calm, knowing what happened -

The end of self.

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