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Member Info Guide

  • How can I get the most from my membership in the Golden Age Movement?
    Five key activities have been designed to help prepare you for enlightenment. All are important. Participate in these activities and watch the transformation that takes place for you and your loved ones. 1 - Darshan with Sri Amma Bhagavan 2 - Peak State Preparation Session 3 - Full Moon Enlightenment Process 4 - Monthly Q&A Session with Tejasa 5 - Aalaya Darshan Read more about each of these below.
  • 5 - Aalaya Darshan
    Be transported to different temples in India six days of the week. These temples have specific purposes and are used to expedite fulfillment of both worldly (Iham) and spiritual (Param) needs. The sessions are only 20 minutes and a different chakra (energy center in the subtle body) will be activated and balance.
  • What is 74K DY?
    The 74000 Deeksha Yajna is online yearly membership program, lead by Sri Bhagavan with the help of dasas (monks), focused on liberating the individual from constant inner dialogue and conflicted mind AND producing causeless Joy. 74k DY includes monthly live processes with Sri Bhagavan, monthly Full Moon Soma blessings, weekly preparation processes, special causeless joy transfers, daily blessings and practices to help prepare the body for enlightenment.
  • 3 - Full Moon Enlightenment Process
    The Full Moon Deeksha helps us to flow with that month's planetary energies. It is another process where Sri Amma Bhagavan are sending grace and blessings to us, moving us towards enlightenment. You will receive Soma which will help in all areas of your life.
  • 1 - Darshan with Sri Amma Bhagavan
    To sit in Sri Amma Bhagavan's presence is a tremendous blessing. During the course of the year, those beginning in June will have 12 opportunities to be in Sri Amma Bhagavan's presence. These are called darshans. They generally take place on the last Saturday of the month. Sri Bhagavan shares the progress of the Golden Age Movement and then answers questions from members. Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan go deep within their consciousness to bestow enlightenment as we are lead through a process by our guide Tejasaji. Enlightened monks in India at Satyaloka move into high states to support the blessing. You do not want to miss these enormously powerful processes. See the monthly calendar below for dates and times.
  • Monthly GAM Calendar
  • 4 - Monthly Q&A with Tejasa
    Informal Zoom meeting with our guide from India Tejasa once a month. You will be able to ask her questions and hear the latest updates and miracles happening around the world. You do NOT use your Blue Join Meeting Button for this Q&A Session. Each month the date and Zoom information will be posted by your organizer. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST.
  • 2 - Peak State Preparation Session
    Morning sessions on Saturdays, other than darshan day, that will free you from internal programs preventing you from attaining material abundance, joy and happiness.
  • Will I be able to ask Sri Amma Bhagavan Questions?
    Questions for the Golden Age Movement Founder Sri Amma Bhagavan: Sri Amma Bhagavan will answer member questions at the monthly darshan. These questions have to be submitted in advance to allow sufficient time for translation into various languages. Your organizer will inform you of the deadline each month. Questions submitted should be to broaden your understanding and benefit the whole international DY community.
  • Is there an "Official GAM Newsletter" for up-to-date info?
    Yes, there is an Official GAM Newsletter. The newsletter provides comprehensive information about programs and events and is issued on the first day of each month. To ensure that the newsletter does not go into spam, add this E-mail address to your contacts: 74kgoldenage@gmail.com. Subscribe to the newsletter here:
  • If you have questions, we've got you!
    We are here to help you have a positive experience. You may have questions along the way. Take advantage of the new How Can We Help? Resources below. How Can We Help? Fridays 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Pacific 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Eastern Zoom Meeting ID: 819 2542 7896 Passcode: answers or Join the How Can We Help? Telegram Chat https://t.me/+JaLQwycnQzo0ODA5
  • Where can I receive answers to procedural questions?
    You can receive answers to procedural questions in two places: How Can We Help? Fridays 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Pacific 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Eastern Zoom Meeting ID: 819 2542 7896 Passcode: answers or Join the How Can We Help? Telegram Chat https://t.me/+JaLQwycnQzo0ODA5
  • Who do I talk with about these new energies coming up?
    Be sure to attend the Preparation for Peak State and the Q&A's with Tejasa, as well as Sri Bhagavan's Darshan. All the programs will move you forward to a life of no suffering. Everything that is coming up is something that needs to be cleared and is a gift moving you to freedom. Embracing whatever is coming up will ultimately move you into complete liberation.
  • Who can answer my questions about my experiences or teachings?
    Questions related to your experiences and teachings: Tejasa, the Golden Age Movement Guide from India, will conduct monthly Q&A Sessions on Zoom. Dates will be announced by your 74K DY Organizer.
  • Your organizer can support you on your journey
    Your organizer is there to help you every step of the way. Rely on your organizer for information. If you are not sure of who your organizer is, check the Code in front of your name. A complete list of organizers can be found below. It is best to check with your organizer and ask her/him how they will be sending out information and updates: via Telegram Chat, or E-mail, or both. Each organizer will do things slightly different depending on what he or she has found to work best with their group. 74k DY Organizers US01 - Andy US02 - Ann & Fran US03 - Bhimi US04 - Coralee & John US05 - Debra US06 - Eric US07 - Taylor US08 - Gwendolyn US09 - Kimi US10 - Kiran US11 - Leilani US12 - Mahaal & Elizabeth US13 - Mariana US14 - Matthew US15 - Patty US16 - Praimatee & Aditi US17 - Prem & Nalini US18 - Rick US19 - Tina & Robert US20 - Xochitl US21 - Yolanda US22 - Yu-Ying & Beth US23 - Denise CA01 - Darlene & Deborah CA02 - Deanna After locating your organizer, if you need to be in contact, go to Your Organizer .
  • Where do I find information?
    Contact your Organizer for information. In addition you should join the How Can We Help? GAM US Canada Telegram chat group and ask your questions there.
  • Bhagavan's Saturday talks, how to get the written transcript?
    Transcripts will be posted and/or sent by your organizer about a week after the darshan. Contact your organizer to see how he or she takes care of that.
  • Saturday zoom meetings, where do I get the link?
    The Blue Button you received from Zoom works for Darshan with Sri Bhagavan, Prep For Peak State, and Full Moon Deeksha.
  • How to Join Zoom?
    Download the Zoom Client if you have not already done so: https://zoom.us/download Zoom can be downloaded to your laptop, desktop, iPad or phone. Ideally, you would download it to a device with a large screen to enhance your viewing experience. Use your apps store (Google Play for Android and App Store for Apple) to download on your phone.
  • How to find your Zoom confirmation
    You will receive a unique link from Golden Age Movement via Zoom (no-reply@zoom.us). The subject line reads: 74K DY USA Canada Confirmation. The Zoom link will incorporate the E-mail address you used to register. It will be your source to access weekly sessions, Full Moon Enlightenment session, and monthly Darshan with Sri Amma Bhagavan. Do not share your link with others, doing so will lock you out of meetings. SEE IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS BELOW IMAGES. Before you Save the link TEST it by clicking the BLUE JOIN MEETING BUTTON, you should see a screen that looks like this: If you do NOT see this screen, contact your organizer. If you see that screen, your link is working and next you should save the link. Please flag or star the email. Also, copy and paste the link into Notes or Contacts for retrieval if you loose it.
  • What is the best website to share with people who may be interested in this year-long program?
    The best website to share information about the 74000 Deeksha Yajna program is https://www.74kenlightened.com. It outlines Sri Amma Bhagavan's mission and provides information about the activities and benefits of the program.
  • Subscribe to the Golden Age Movement YouTube Channel
    You will find helpful videos on the Golden Age Movement USA Canada, including teachings of Sri Amma Bhagavan and shorts that explain those teachings in a way that is easy to understand. Be sure to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/@goldenagemovementusacanada955/streams
  • Why is it important to interact with GAM on Instagram?
    The Golden Age Movement Instagram account is one way to reach new people who have interest in what is happening to humanity. More than 2.35 billion people use Instagram to share information and learn about the activities of others. The more we interact with the GAM account, saving and sharing posts, the more people will be shown the teachings of Sri Amma Bhagavan. So make a point to connect regularly with https://www.instagram.com/74kgoldenage.
  • Is there a comprehensive Golden Age Movement website?
    Yes, you can find information about all GAM programs in USA and Canada at https://www.74kgoldenage.com.
  • Is GAM on Facebook?
    Yes. here is the link to GAM's Facebook page. Follow the page at: https://www.facebook.com/GAMUSACanada. You can also participate in the Golden Age Movement USA-Canada Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/260843578932018.
  • 7-Day Prayer Journal
    Thank you for registering for “74000 Deeksha Yajna - Enlightened Life Now.” This 2023-24 Session will be filled with incredible life-enhancing experiences. Enjoy this complimentary 7-Day Prayer Journal. Feel free download the Journal, also to duplicate the pages in the back of the as needed to extend the support of your journey with prayer. If you have any questions, please direct them to your assigned organizer. Peace and Blessings, Golden Age Movement Information Team
  • What are some realizations that help prepare me for enlightenment?
    The following teachings will help you begin to understand the Oneness phenomenon. Reflect on and even chant these phrases to deepen your understanding: 1. My mind is not my mind. 2. My body is not my body. 3. My thoughts are not my thoughts. 4. Self is only a concept. 5. Everything is automatic. 6. There is only seeing, but no seer. 7. There is only hearing but no hearer. 8. There is only a sense of touch not the person who touches. 9. There is only smell not the person smelling. 10. There is only taste not the taster. 11. There is only thinking not the thinker. 12. There is no experience of domination. 13. There is no experience of refusing to be dominated. 14. There is no thinking that I am right. 15. There is no thinking that the other is wrong. 16. There is no struggle for survival. 17. There is no cover up. 18. There is no mask.
  • Are there essential advanced teachings in the Golden Age Movement?
    Sri Amma Bhagavan Advanced Teachings 1. There is only one mind: the Old Mind. It is conditioned by separation and duality. 2. Your mind is not your mind, but an extension of this Old Mind. 3. Similarly, your thoughts are not your own thoughts, but are downloaded from the “sphere of thought” associated with this Old Mind. 4. The feeling that there is a separate “self” is generated by the neurobiological structure of the human brain. 5. This “self,” by experiencing itself as separate, generates anxieties, aversions, comparisons and judgments, which are the root of suffering. 6. When the “self” disappears, the suffering ends. When the longings disappear, even the craving for enlightenment, you're enlightened. 7. When you receive Deeksha, you begin a neurobiological process that leads to the dissolution of the sensation of the separate or fixed “self.” 8. When the fixed “self” disappears, you experience yourself as a simple dance of personalities that emerge and cease continuously. 9. Your body is not your body. When the “self” disappears, your feeling of possessing the body disappears and you experience it as a vehicle for the divine dance of consciousness. Eventually, all creation becomes your body. 10. The mind, based on duality, cannot be enlightened. 11. The self, which is an illusion, cannot be enlightened. The self is just a concept. 12. Enlightenment is the understanding that there is no self that can be enlightened!
  • Will I have to give up everything to become enlightened?
    Sri Bhagavan: “This Dharma is very much focussed on Iham (material fulfillment). You can give up your desires; you can give up your attachments; you can sleep on a stone slab. Or you can be eating some gujju berries. All that you can do, if you want. We have nothing against any path. We are not telling that this is the only path. This is a path. If it suits you, you take it. There are many many paths which you could follow. It is up to you. We believe in the path of Iham because nature has put it there. The needs of the body, the needs of the self, they are all there. And we have found that if we fulfill these needs, we focus very well on the spiritual path. That is why you should have Iham, good relationships with family, spouse, children, enjoying food, enjoying going out, enjoying physical comforts; all this, we want you to enjoy because with that you grow on the spiritual path. You go faster than controlling. Controlling leads to something else. Forget about that. On that spiritual path, you may get some siddhis. Siddhis is of no use. On this spiritual path, you grow fast if you have nice relationships with your wife, children, family, and friends, at work, and going out and enjoying. That is why we are focusing on Iham. But if you do not like that path, you may very well follow whatever you want. We are never telling you that this is the only path. We will never ever make that mistake. There are so many paths. Once, in a meeting, I asked somebody if you want your desires to be removed, if you want to lose all of them and are prepared for it, well, we will help you to lose. You will lose all your money, all your wealth and you will be on your path. You know, what happened? Only one man said 'I want it'. Nobody wanted that path. When you do not want that path, why do you ask these things? You can block your nose, do this, and that. It will give you good health. You can do all types of yoga. It will give you good health and calmness. That is not what we are talking about. We are talking about something different. We are talking about the flowering of the heart, where you actually feel connected to the other, love, and where the Mind is totally silent and working only when it is required. This is totally different. For that we find this path easier, the path of Iham. Even now people are coming and meeting me. I will meet more people, once the Corona thing is over. All these people who are fully involved in Iham, are completely Enlightened now. They were completely engrossed in Iham earlier. But that has proved very very helpful to them. They were not doing many of the Sadhanas at all. Simply, it happened to them. But they were fully experiencing Iham. That is why we are helping you to fulfill your desires. Otherwise, why should we do it? People say, 'where is the end to desire?'. Do not worry about that. As you keep fulfilling, fulfilling, something will happen. People are not experiencing what they have got. You should experience Iham. It is not enough if you buy a car or a bungalow. You have to fully experience it. Then you see what happens to you, how fast you grow. That is why we say, 'Param through Iham'.”
  • How to Pray Effectively?
    Sri Bhagavan: “So here there is complete freedom. You can pray, any kind of emotion you can have and pray. There is a lot of freedom, but yet we can give some guidelines. So first thing, you chant the moola mantra 3 times, that is the value of the number 3 times. This is a peculiar phone where you dial three times and the connection is made. All Hindu mantras establish the connection. Having established the connection, now you must cast Paramjyoti into a role. That role, could be your ishta devata (favorite god). This you should mention. Following this, you ask Paramjyoti to come in that form and that is in your genes probably. You are conditioned like that. so it is best to use those forms. The Paramjyoti will take that form. If the Paramjyoti has to manifest, it will manifest as that God only. If you want your God to be physical-physical you should use that mantra. That is the way you choose your God. Then you have to be specific. Suppose, you want to have wealth, then you should use the words 'Aishwarya (Prosperity) Pradaataaya namaha'. Similarly whatever you want, you must use that word. So at one time do one prayer. Don't ask for money, health, relationships, everything together. Ask money and at some other time, ask for health. Some other time ask for relationship. So you should have only one prayer at a time and use the corresponding one for that. This is not mantra. Mantra is the first one. And the one you use for your God. This is defining the role of Paramjyoti. What do you want Paramjyoti to do? You specify that. Now having specified that, ideally you should pray in your prayer room or altar but then there should be a specific spot in that prayer room. And if you have lamps, you must have 3 lamps. You must not have 2 lamps or 4 lamps. The number should be an odd number or in multiples of 7. If there are even numbers there will be no energy. That is why you chant the moola mantra 3 times. You can chant even 7 times. The chanting must be in odd numbers, that is one way or you can chant in multiples of 7. But the ideal thing is odd numbers. The lamps must be odd numbers. Now sitting in that place, slowly you should chant the Moola Mantra and the mantra that you use for your God. Then casting the God in the required mould should be done. Now having done that, now you must visualize the solution. You ask the money - one crore or 100 crores, visualize 100 crores (Indian denomination, substitute dollars) in your bank account or cash, whatever you want. Technically, when you visualize it should be in 3 Dimensions. Not in 2 Dimensions. And slightly draw a line between your eyes and visualize on the right side. Not on the left side. On the left side it will not work. So move to right side and imagine in 3 Dimensions and visualize it. And you should see in color. If it is black and white, it will not work. Now generally, suppose you are asking 100 crores, you should see it happening. Never at a future. You are building a very powerful prayer. You are seeing it right now. And then how do you feel, that feeling you should generate. Along with those feelings, you must say 'i thank you'. That is very important. Now after saying thank you, you must go for an agreement if required. Of course, if what you are asking is quite big and nothing is happening, then it means that you should go for agreement. That is, 'you do this to me and i will do this'. Yes, this is pure business. Paramjyoti has his or her own business. It has its own needs and you can bargain with it. If it feels good, it will accept the deal. If you still feel uncomfortable, bargain better. One man came and said, 'i need 10 crores. And he went into an agreement that if he get that i will pay 1000 rs and the Padukas rushed back. No way the deal will be through. I do not know what happened. But it was not an appropriate deal.
  • What is the meaning of the Moola Mantra?
    ”OM Sat-Chit-Ananda Parabrahma Purushothama Paramathma Sri Bhagavathi Sametha Sri Bhagavathe Namaha OM.” The Moola Mantra is a powerful prayer that aligns you with the Divine. All auspicious happenings, peace, and serenity are yours. Just singing or listening to this magnificent Moola Mantra. Whenever you chant the Moola Mantra, even not knowing its meaning, it carries Power. But when you know what it means and you sing or chant it, feeling it in your heart, energy flows a million times more powerfully. Om - We are calling the higher energy, All that is. Sat - The Supreme Existence, the formless Chit - Consciousness of the Universe Ananda - Pure love, happiness and joy Parabrahma - The Supreme Creator Purushothama - One who incarnated in Human form to help guide humanity Paramatma - He who comes to me in my heart and becomes my inner voice whenever I turn my attention inward. Sri Bhagavati - The Divine Mother, the dimension of power and creation Sametha - Along with Sri Bhagavathe - The Father of Creation, the Unchangeable, and Everlasting Namaha - I thank and acknowledge this presence in my life. I ask for your continuous guidance.
  • How can I tell if I am making progress on the spiritual path?
    Following are 30 Characteristics of Enlightenment which you are most likely to experience by attending the 74000 Deeksha Yajna program. As this transformation occurs for you, your consciousness will have a positive affect on those around you and contribute to the 74000 whose consciousness will transform the world. These characteristics cannot be practiced. They are presented so you can recognize when you are experiencing these states: 🌹1. No Suffering 🌹2. No carry over 🌹3. No conflict 🌹4. No Comparison 🌹5. No Hurt 🌹6. No Charge 🌹7. No Guilt 🌹8. No Fear 🌹9. No Judgments 🌹10. No Inner Dialogue 🌹11. No Identification with Thought, Mind & Self 🌹12. Silence 🌹13. Energy 🌹14. Witnessing 🌹15. Presence 🌹16. Experiencing Reality as It Is 🌹17. Causeless Love 🌹18. Limitless Joy 🌹19. Peace 🌹20. Living in the Present 🌹21. Compassion 🌹22. The Seer, The Seeing, and The Seen are one and the same 🌹23. Seeing there is no person but only personalities dependently arising and ceasing. 🌹24. Everything is a Process 🌹25. The Awakened One shift’s from Bird’s Eye view to Worm’s Eye view and from Worm’s Eye view to Bird’s Eye view depending on the situation 🌹26. The Awakened One Flows With Life 🌹27. You are a driverless car. You are controlled by various programs. 🌹28. Flow with your Destiny 🌹29. The Awakened One owns things but does not end up owned by them 🌹30. To see the true as the true and the false as the false
  • What is Soma and where does it come from?
    Soma is a physical miracle manifesting by the Grace of Avatars Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan. Soma is an energetic download from higher realms. The substance of Soma is a physical byproduct of Grace and comes in many forms - honey, turmeric, kumkum (red powder), vibhuti (sacred ash), and blessed water.
  • Who is Sri Amma?
    Sri Amma is a unique teacher who imparts the greatest insights of life in an easily understandable way. To millions of devotees and seekers, Sri Amma is the all knowing mother, a friend, a guide, a source of power in times of trial and weakness and an inspiration and direction in times of strength and abundance.
  • Why are they called Sri Amma Bhagavan?
    Sri Amma Bhagavan are one consciousness that has incarnated into two bodies to liberate humanity from suffering. Together they are avatars of enlightenment. Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan is shortened to Sri Amma Bhagavan.
  • What is the Great Compassionate Light?
    The light that one meets at the end of one's life on earth. The Great Compassionate Light is a collection of all the Great Beings who have lived on this planet and made their ascension. Some of these Light Beings are Jesus, Buddha, Maitreya, Rumi and many others. Avatars Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan serve as portals to the Great Compassionate Light to bring you immense blessings.
  • Who is Sri Bhagavan?
    Sri Bhagavan is the founder of the Golden Age Movement who is loved, revered and praised by millions across the world as a friend, philosopher, world teacher, and Avatar. His singular passion has been to liberate humanity from suffering by gifting people with enlightened states and enlightenment. Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma considered themselves as one consciousness in two bodies, so they are commonly referred to as Sri Amma Bhagavan.
  • What is the primary goal of 74K DY?
    The goal is for Sri Amma Bhagavan to gift the neurobiological shift leading to enlightenment in 80,000 members across the world thereby fulfilling their mission to eliminate human suffering and to set humanity free.
  • What is a Sri Murthi?
    It is a living photo holding Sri Amma Bhagavan consciousness. They have taken a powerful intention (sankalpa) for people to receive grace through the Sri Murthis. Many miracles are happening through the Sri Murthis. The Sri Murthi is a powerful, precious gift that also can serve as focal point for your communication with the Divine.
  • Find answers to common questions
    In this section, you will find helpful answers to several common questions.
  • Day of Relationship - June 9
    Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan's marriage anniversary.
  • Oneness Phenomenon Day - July 19
    It was on the 19th of July in 1989 when the Phenomenon of the Golden Orb also known as The Great Compassionate Light first appeared at the Jeevashram School in India, a place that is now called Satyaloka - The Abode of Truth. That day marked the culmination of 21 years of Sri Amma Bhagavan's constant chanting to prepare the way for the Dharma to begin in this lifetime. The descent of the Golden Orb is now celebrated as Oneness Phenomenon Day.
  • Moola Mantra Month - May
    The Moola Mantra is celebrated globally during the month of May. Devotees gather and collectively chant the mantra 108 times daily to magnify its power. “OM Sat-Chit-Ananda Parabrahma Purushothama Paramathma Sri Bhagavathi Sametha Sri Bhagavathe Namaha OM.” (See an explanation of the mantra in Spiritual Teachings and Spiritual Progress.) This is a mantra released to humanity by Sri Amma Bhagavan and is used to acknowledge and call on the Divine. It can be chanted to create sacred space, ask for protection, or for freedom from all sorrow and suffering. Whenever you chant the Moola Mantra, even without knowing the meaning, that itself carries power. But when you know the meaning and chant with that feeling in your heart, then the energy flows many times more powerfully. The mantra is nicknamed “The Divine’s Phone Number.” Just like when you call a person he comes and you feel his presence, similarly, when you chant this mantra the Divine manifests everywhere around you. As the Divine is Omnipresent, it can manifest anywhere and at any time. Feel free to chant the mantra whenever you like, during your regular daily life or any auspicious occasion.
  • Day of Oneness - March 7
    Sri Amma Bhagavan's Birthday is celebrated as the Day of Oneness. It is a time globally celebrate Sri Amma Bhagavan being on this planet and bringing the vision to end human suffering.
  • Day of Love - August 15
    Sri Amma's Birthday is celebrated as the Day of Love.
  • Day of Gratitude - November 14
    According to Sri Amma Bhagavan, "Gratitude is the hallmark of greatness." "All are connected. To see the interconnectedness of all things is the birth of Gratitude. " ~Sri Amma Bhagavan
  • A to E
    Aarti - The ceremony of lights is a greeting ceremony offered in temples and to representatives of the Divine Abishekam - A ceremony in which a devotee pours a liquid offering on an image or murti of a deity. so one can receive grace Aishwarya - Wealth, prosperity, wealth consciousness Anugrahitosmi - An expression of gratitude Asana - Position of the body, such as a yoga pose Avatar - An incarnate Divine teacher or great soul who has special gifts to share with the world in a given field - math, music, spiritual Bhajan - Songs in praise or worship of the Divine Boon - Something helpful or beneficial Chakras - Energy centers in the subtle body Chakra: Ajna - Point between the eyebrows commonly referred to as the Third Eye. It is the seat of the pituitary gland. Anahata - Heart Chakra energy center located at the center of the chest Manipura - Naval Chakra energy center Muladhara - Root Chakra energy center located at the perineum Sahasrara - Crown Chakra energy center located at the top of the head Svadhishthana - Sacral Chakra energy center located about 2 inches below the naval Vishuddhi - Throat Chakra energy center located at the epiglottis Darshan - An opportunity to see Sri Amma Bhagavan to receive their Grace Dasa - A servant of the Divine, a monk in service to Sri Amma Bhagavan's mission Deeksha - Divine intervention, transfer of sacred consciousness, or blessing Divine - A higher power (form or formlessness) that one personally holds as sacred EKAM - Ekam means Oneness. A sacred temple in India where there is a oneness field, created by its sacred architecture and by the presence of the Golden Orb. Enlightenment - Various paths define enlightenment differently and according to Sri Amma Bhagavan, it will be unique for each person. In the Golden Age Movement, the term refers to the cessation of inner dialogue, a flowering of the heart where the illusion of separation no longer exists. Personal suffering ends and one also experiences causeless joy.
  • O to Z
    Oneness - A state of being where the illusion of separation drops and one experiences oneness within oneself, and with another person, place, animal, or all that is Organizer - A volunteer who helps Golden Age Movement participants to get registered for courses, and share information Param - Supreme, highest, best. In the context of oneness, Param refers to spiritual desires, i.e., Aalaya darshan fulfills both Iham and Param Param Karuna - Supreme compassion ParamJyothi - Supreme Light or Great Compassionate Light Peak State - A state where the mind does not interfere with purely experiencing the moment. Problematic programs in our unconscious can easily be changed to helpful programs when in a Peak State. The Peak State is also a shortcut to creating the neurobiological shift of enlightenment. The Peak State is a gift from Sri Amma Bhagavan Prajapati - The Golden Being who appeared to Sri Bhagavan when he was a young boy and instructed him to chant to create the Oneness phenomenon Prapthi - The ability to obtain anything anywhere. It is the power to enter or penetrate everywhere. Sri Amma Bhagavan has this power Puja (or Pooja) - Worship and/or offering during rituals Sacred Chambers - A place where a very powerful connection to Sri Amma Bhagavan is nurtured so visitors can come to receive enlightenment, causeless states, soma, and the fulfillment of worldly desires.These are hosted by people who have been initiated to care for the Sacred Chamber and who welcome participants to receive miracles. Sadhanas - Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice Satyaloka - The place in India where the Phenomenon broke out in 1989. Many miracles happen on this sacred land. Also known as a world of truth, or place of truth Seva - Selfless service to help others Shavasana - Corpse Pose - Shavasana and some sitting asanas maintain the balance between relaxation and meditation. Shavasana is performed on the back with the legs spread as wide as the yoga mat and arms relaxed to both the sides of the body, and the eyes closed. The whole body is relaxed on the floor with an awareness of the chest and abdomen rising and falling with each breath. It eliminates tiredness and promotes calmness of the mind. Siddhis - Supernatural powers attained by beings who have achieved enlightenment Soma - Blessed Water and/or Sacred substances manifested from higher realms. More information can be found at somadeeksha.com. Sri Kalki - The avatar that appears at the end of the Kali yuga (dark ages) and ushers in the Golden Age and gives enlightenment to humanity, freeing humanity from suffering Sri Murthi - A sacred image or icon where Sri Amma Bhagavan's consciousness is embedded and alive Sri Paramjyothi - The Supreme Light Yajna - a ritual sacrifice with a specific intention; devotion, worship, offering; think of the practices and processes in the 74K DY as a sacrifice to bring enlightenment to the whole of humanity.
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    Fun - Enjoyment, amusement, lighthearted pleasure. Make sure that you don't forget to have fun GAM - Abbreviation for the Golden Age Movement Grace - A flow of goodness from the Divine, answer to prayers, an unexpected benefit or boon Great Compassionate Light - The light that we meet at the end of our journey on earth, comprised of all great saints, sages, and divine beings who support this planet Hands in receiving mode - Instruction given by Tejasa during sessions. Extend both palms up towards the Sri Murthi or source of Grace on the screen to receive Hiranya Garbha - Golden Orb or Womb referring to the source of creation Homas - Ancient vedic fire rituals, or spiritual technology, to deeply shift our unconscious programs Iham - Worldly affairs, or material desires or needs, such as job, relationships, finances, health Jai - Victory, Triumph Krishnaji & Preethaji - Sri Amma Bhagavan's son through whom Deeksha first flowed. Preethaji is Krishnaji's wife. They are founders of O&O Academy and are in charge of Ekam Kshretra - Field, area, tract of land. GAM has several sacred sites such as Nemam, Satyaloka, Ekam, etc. The "K" is silent in pronunciation Mahavakyas - Maha = Great, Vakyas = sayings/teachings... The Great Spiritual Teachings Moksha - Liberation from cycles of birth and death, allowing one to move to higher realms. Moksha happens during death. Moola Mantra - Powerful sanskrit mantra to connect with source, and Sri Amma Bhagavan's consciousness for any prayer. See Moola Mantra in Spiritual Progress & Spiritual Teachings Mudra - Ancient Vedic hand gestures & postures to influence energy flow throughout the body in certain beneficial ways Mukti - Enlightenment. Liberation from cycles of birth and death. Freedom from the illusion of separation Muhurta - A specific measurement of time connected to an auspicious alignment of planets. The Golden Age Movement is striving to have 80,000 gathered and gifted with high states of consciousness before the Muhurta that will take place on JANUARY 15, 2024, at 12 noon IST. The times in the US/Canada times are: JANUARY 14, 2024 8:30 pm, Hawai'i 10:30 pm, Pacific 11:30 pm, Mountain JANUARY 15, 2024 12:30 am, Central 1:30 am, Eastern Namaskar Mudra - Hands held together in front of the heart as in prayer
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